Learn Wing Chun (Kung Fu) in London

Wing Chun International is dedicated to bringing the art of Wing Chun (Kung Fu) to the city and surrounding boroughs of London.

Our London instructors work alongside the rest of our United Kingdom team bringing over 100 Wing Chun Schools for you to use. Our Instructors are all focused on growing the Wing Chun International Brand and bringing the Art of Wing Chun Kung Fu to you.

Wing Chun International teaches the complete Martial Art system of Wing Chun Kung Fu and starts its new students on a journey from the beginning of the Wing Chun system through into Wing Chun Mastery. We achieve this by setting our students goals from our Basic course, Advanced course and the Masters Course in Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Wing Chun (Kung Fu) Courses in London

Wing Chun International inspires its students to achieve the best that they can through setting a goal that is suitable for the student’s aspirations and Mind set. It is our personal aim to set all our students the GOAL of becoming a MASTER of the Wing Chun System.

Basic Course

Our Wing Chun International Basic course introduces our students to the Wing Chun system and the Wing Chun International Curriculum, it allows you to begin your Wing Chun journey at a steady pace whilst giving you a solid foundation to move onto the advanced course when you feel ready. The basic course takes you on a well written journey of the first 4 students grade.

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Advanced Course

Our Wing Chun International Advanced course is for those students who have started on our Basic course and have decided that the Wing Chun System is right for them or for those inspired students wishing to gain a complete overview of the Wing Chun System quickly and understands that a small level of commitment is required to learn all of the 12 students grade programmes.

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Masters Course

Our Wing Chun International MASTERS course is our top-level course, aimed at those wishing to MASTER the art of Wing Chun in the shortest time possible, this is a MUST course for those on the journey to become a Wing Chun Professional Instructor! The Masters course teaches you the complete Wing Chun System by learning the Technician Degree material alongside that of the 12 student programmes and allows you to learn in half the time.

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Instructor Course

Our Wing Chun International Instructor Training Course gives you the skills and knowledge to effectively teach the Wing Chun system under the brand of Wing Chun International. This course is aimed at those looking for a new Career, an additional working environment or to increase a student’s skills on their journey of Wing Chun Mastery, we teach you everything that you will need to run a part time or full time Wing Chun Kung Fu School.

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“ I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times ”


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