Basic Course Grading

The White Sash

As Crazy as this may seem the White sash is awarded to every child at the end of there very first class!

The hardest step for all children is taking that first one, Martial Arts is all about motivating, inspiring, energising and overall developing your children, The sense of Achievement that a child gains by wearing this very first belt has far greater value to them than not, it sets them there very first goal to work towards Grade 2, Yellow Sash/White Yellow Sash.

Material That they will have for this is as follows and will be reinforced with in the first 8 weeks of training:

  1. Enter: How to Enter the classroom and Greet other students, This is the Bow in and pay respects
  2. Stances: These include the student Set Position and Locked Up Position.
  3. Children Basic Stances: The Guard Stance and Horse stance.
  4. Hand Movements: The Star Block Set, The Jab and The Cross.
  5. Body Movements: The Bob and Weave Combination.
  6. Leg Movements: The Front Kick and Round Kick.

Grade 1 ( Yellow Sash/White Yellow Sash)

Kick Boxing

  1. Jab, Cross, Hook, Upper Cut and Bob Weave
  2. Front Kick
  3. Round Kick
  4. Side Kick
  5. Back Kick
  6. Kick Boxing Form

Grade 2

Flight Training

  1. Pop Up front Kicks
  2. Pop Up round Kicks
  3. Pop Up Side Kicks
  4. Jumping Front Kicks
  5. Jumping Round Kicks
  6. Replacing Step Side Kick
  7. Flying Kick

Grade 3 ( Red Yellow Sash/White Orange Sash)

Partner Training

  1. Footwork including Forward Step, Back Step and Side Steps
  2. Half Step Forwards and Half Step Backwards
  3. Replacement Step forward and Backwards
  4. The Covers Form which includes Head Covers, Picks, Body Covers and Leg Covers
  5. Pad work Leading
  6. Pad work Following.

Grade 4 ( Red Sash/White Red Sash)

Self Defence Training

  1. Self Defence Stance
  2. Vocal Identification and warnings
  3. Palm Strikes
  4. Break from Grabs 1 through to 3
  5. Break from Gras 4 through to 6
  6. Safety Zone Awareness