Health & Fitness Benefits of Wing Chun

Sifu Scott Rowlinson, Head Instructor of Wing Chun International, says:

Better Relationships & Social Support

“Another benefit that my students especially enjoy about their training is the social interaction and friendships that come with taking classes. In my classes for example, I emphasise to my students that they are family. Because we’re a family we help each other improve. We’re not there to break each other down but to build each other up. We’re also there as a social support in a world where many peoples social supports are breaking down”.

Relieves Stress

“Getting a good workout, especially a cardio workout helps purge the stress and it’s good for the heart too. Plus, training Wing Chun forces you to focus on the here and now, not on your problems. For instance, if someone is giving a kick or throwing a punch at you, you don’t have time to worry about the parking ticket you just got or the pile of paper work sitting on your desk at work. Getting rid of stress has really helps our students clear there mind and allows you to do better work in your job”.

Increased Discipline

“Self-discipline is a lost art today in a world where so many things are cheap and easy. The downside to this is that people aren’t given a lot of chances to develop self-discipline. But the truth is that you need it if you want to go anywhere in life. Wing Chun helps you develop self-discipline in a truly enjoyable way. While you’re learning the art, you’ll also be developing the self-discipline of training, practice and conditioning. You’ll notice before long that this self-discipline (and the confidence that comes from developing it) is leaking over into other areas of your life, helping you achieve more and go further than you ever dreamed”.

Builds Internal Energy & Wellness

“Most people have heard how Tai Chi and its slow forms are good for your health and helps develop internal “Qi” power. There are dozens of medical studies that support this. Well, if you do your Wing Chun forms slowly and deliberately, like Tai Chi forms, you’ll get many of the same benefits. I get a similar workout doing my Wing Chun forms, slowly, as I do when I practice Tai Chi. What’s nice about using Wing Chun forms is you can work out in a small area, like a corner of your bedroom or hotel room if you’re travelling”.

Improve Your Reflexes

“Chi Sau (or sticky hands), provides the training of increased contact sensitivity and increased auto-reflexes. This will also help you in other martial arts or sports that you choose to take. I often find that, when studying another martial art, I progress much more quickly through it because of my years of Wing Chun training“.

Improves Eye Focusing

“When you’re not in contact range you have to rely on visual reflexes (your eyes) to keep you safe and a threat to your opponent. In the West we pay little attention to eye health. In Chinese schools, on the other hand, exercising the eyes during school is part of the daily routine. In my kwoon we exercise the eyes during our warm up. I’ve noticed that the eye exercises are beneficial to me especially since I work on a computer most of the day”.

More Confidence & Better Focus

“With forms training you also gain good body posture, which can help you appear more confident and in control to those around you.Training over the long term also helps you develop increased focus in everyday life. This translates into helping you achieve your other life goals faster and more effectively”.

So those are just a few of the added benefits of training in Wing Chun Kung Fu. If you’re interested in taking classes, make sure to look for a good instructor that provides a supportive positive environment to train in.

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