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Meet our Wing Chun Instructors in London

Welcome to our Wing Chun Kung Fu and the wing chun instructors in London who are working hard each and every day to develop the Wing Chun International Brand.

Our Team for London is currently small as our Wing Chun Kung Fu organisation has been focused on developing our brand around the UK before refocusing our attention on the London region, the time has now come in 2017 to bring that attention to the capital city of England and our team are growing as well as building their strategy to launch new schools  in and around the city of London and the surrounding boroughs.

Would you like to join our wing chun instructors through out London and throughout the United Kingdom, why not enjoy the lifestyle that becoming a martial arts instructor can bring? Like all new skills that we learn it is difficult and hard at the beginning, however as with everything gets easier the more you learn! Does this bring a rewarding lifestyle choice? With out doubt!

Becoming your own boss with a support of a great Brand will only enhance your way of living! contact us today to find out how to become part of the largest and fastest growing Wing Chun Kung Fu Organisation in the United Kingdom, simply complete the contact form below stating the reason for your enquiry and Sifu Scott Rowlinson will contact you personally to discuss this great career choice with you.

Wing Chun Instructors in London

4th Level Technician Grade

Sifu Scott Rowlinson began his journey in Wing Chun Kung Fu following a friends recommendation that he should look at trying the Art, Looking back and remembering that very first class with Master Andrew Cameron in an Old Church in the Pantiles of Tunbridge Wells, Sifu Scott recalls it was exactly what he had been looking for since starting his Martial Arts Journey, Being introduced to Master Andrew Cameron in 1992 was a life choice that he has never regretted and constantly looks back on as he reflects on his life to date.

Sifu Scott Rowlinson Started his Martial Arts training at the age of 6 when his father took him along to a Judo class, his Father had been a keen Judo Practicianor for many years and as with most children was always being keen to follow in his fathers foot steps, many classes followed and Sifu Scott has many great memories of those early days and they truly inspired him to continue his journey in Martial Arts, His Judo classes finished after coming to a natural end when his father couldn’t take him on a regular basis.

In his early teens and as he could now get around town on his own rather than relying on his parents decided to start his Karate training, The instructor that he found was Sensi Bernard Creaton who taught in a hired hall in Downswood, Maidstone, Sifu Scott trained as hard as he could until the age of 16 but always felt that there was something missing from this training.

His main reason for starting Martial Arts was to raise his self confidence and override the growing fear of bullying that was becoming more evident as he grew up, A very memorable point of why he finished his Karate Training was being told that you were not allowed to hit anyone as this may hurt them, this did not make sense to a young boy who was being hit by bullies and was being educated not to hit back, at that age with no answer to that point he decided to look for the answer else where.

Following Karate and watching many movies Sifu Scott found the Westree Boxing club in Maidstone, Sifu Scott recalls Boxing really opened his eyes to confronting fear, standing in front of another person who was prepared to hit you hard, this really started to change his mentality and was a great foundation to becoming a young man in his late teens, being completely honest though this did not answer the question, simply going from one extreme to the other did not answer the question that was still in his mind and believing that there was a Martial Art out there that was complete and that would satisfy all of the answers that one person might have to enhance his or her life was still waiting to be found!

12th Student Grade

Daniel began his training at our Wing Chun international Shrewsbury school in June 2016 and was one of our very first students at this new location, Daniel started learning directly under the instruction of Sifu Scott Rowlinson.

Since graduating university Daniel had been looking for a martial arts class, and found Wing Chun International thanks to the recommendation from a friend. Daniel quotes “I had been looking for something to give me more focus and discipline and help with my personal development, i had been interested in martial art from a young age having dabbled in judo and jujitsu in school, but with studying at college and university had not had the chance to pursue this passion. With Wing Chun I found something which had been missing from my life and so much more. I fell instantly in love with all aspects of the system after only one class and set my goals to master the art very soon after”

Having found a great organisation that I enjoy being part of, Daniel has decided that a life long journey in Martial Arts is a goal that he wants to instilled into his life so he has set the goal to challenge himself with the task of becoming the Wing Chun International National Trainer of London, Daniel has set his task list and whilst gaining the neccessary skills is making the move to the city of London and to start the development of the Brand there.

Would you like to become a certified Wing Chun Instructor for London?

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